National Foundation for Adult Victims of Childhood Trauma

The National Foundation for Adult Victims of Childhood Trauma conducts research and studies the outcomes of victims with childhood trauma to develop and provide responsive treatment and social outreach programs.
Childhood trauma can have a profound effect on an individual's ability to maintain healthy relationships. Victims of childhood trauma may experience triggers stemming from rejection, shaming, and betrayal. believes these triggers are a concerning contributor to domestic violence.
Substance abuse is a common coping mechanism for those still suffering from their childhood traumas. However, with help substance abuse is a treatable symptom. At, we are developing new research-backed treatments designed to manage substance abuse related to childhood trauma.
Social displacement comes in many forms. It's our responsibility as a community to reach out with compassion, and band together to improve the lives of those who are suffering silently. Our mentorship/life intervention program touches lives through genuine interaction.
Our Mission is Simply Complex

To relieve as much suffering as possible while creating opportunities for miracles to happen.

We are a spiritually-based and mission-focused nonprofit. 
All direct services are provided at no charge to our clients.

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Founder & Life Interventionist

Christopher Conway, M.A.

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
EIN Number - 87 - 2906420
National foundation for adult victims of childhood trauma - NFAVCT
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At, we never charge our clients for direct services. We gratefully accept support through private donations, government grants, and corporate sponsors. All proceeds help support our mission and enable us to continue research, program development, and therapeutic services. The generosity of our donors allows us to provide accessible treatment to all adults seeking help with the lasting effects of childhood trauma.

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