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National Foundation for Adult Victims of Childhood Trauma

NFAVCT is a nonprofit organization that provides mental healthcare to adults suffering from childhood trauma. Christopher Conway, M.A., founded NFAVCT in response to the detrimental practices currently used by the healthcare system to address those afflicted with mental health conditions. Most healthcare providers only focus on treating the symptoms of trauma. NFAVCT takes a holistic approach to uncover the source of the trauma in question, then introduces research-backed treatments to improve overall wellbeing.

Knocking Down Barriers to Create Breakthroughs 

The effects of trauma can be felt in every aspect of life - from relationships, to your professional life. Personal, financial, and social stigma barriers often stand in the way of seeking help to mend what has occurred in the past. The goal of NFAVCT is to minimize these barriers by providing a safe environment where individuals can open up to those with similar experiences. Our organization is comprised of volunteers, and is funded by generous donations from individuals, grants, and training.

The generous donations we receive lead to real change in the community. With the support of donors, our experts can provide direct therapy, life intervention services, group classes, and court programs. Tangible change comes when we address problems and allocate resources towards viable mental health solutions. The outcome is a healthier society, and reclaimed happiness.

The mental health treatment industry is under the impression that low-cost therapy will hurt the practice. To that, we say we'll do it for free.
Together let’s make a difference. Please give today ♡
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